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Home - Home page to the Macomb County Sheriffs Office Marine Reserve Unit.

Marine Safety Officer - Marine safety Officer roles and resposibilities. Application link to apply for this unit. Map link to the                                             MCSO Boathouse on the Clinton River.

Educational -  Duties of the MCSO MSO's in regards to Boaters Safety Classes and Michigan Marine Laws. Link to MCSO                                  Boaters Safety Class schedule. Links for childrens activities in learning water safety.

Law  Resources - Links to many public safety resources available for providing a safe and enjoyable outing on Lake St. Clair.

Water Safety - Links to water safety and videos pertaining to water safety. Seasonal information available as winter months                             bring recreation to the frozen waters of Lake St. Clair. MCSO provides ice water rescue.

Plan Your Outing - Links available to help ensure a safe and enjoyable outing on the water. Downloadable "Float Plan"                                          recomended by the MCSO to be filled out and handed to a neighbor or family member in case the need                                    arises for assistance from the MCSO Marine Division.

News -  Links to news articles related to Macomb County Sheriffs Office Marine Division.

Links -

MSO - Password Protected Page.

Contacts - Simple way to communicate with the MCSO Marine Division. NOT TO BE USED FOR EMERGENCIES. Dial 911 for all                    emergencies.