Begin your planning right here. Wether you plan for a weekend trip or just a day on the water we have provided some interesting links for you to explore. As always, it is a good idea to provide a "Float Plan" and leave it with your neighbor or relative. If launching your vessel at the Harley Ensign boat launch please feel free to drop a copy off at the Macomb County Sheriff's Office Boathouse. 
Huron Clinton Metroparks

Offers a variety of water related activities at many different parks. One of the most popular is Lake St. Clair Metropark Enjoy a day of boating with three marinas and eight ramps that provide easy access to Lake St. Clair waters. 


This site allows you to click on simply click on chosen destination and provides description of chosen port. Very useful in planning a day on the water. 

Tour Lake St. Clair

Outstanding site that offers many destinations to choose from while planning your voyage. Sure to be a favorite amongst boaters.

The Lake St. Clair Network

This site has been trusted by many boating and fishing enthusists for years. Great site to keep up with the "chatter" happening on the lake no matter what the season is.

Anchor Bay Yachting Association (ABYA)

ABYA's primary goals are to educate the boating community by encouraging clean and safe boating on our lakes, and to promote safety, charity, camaraderie and fellowship within our 30 member clubs. Friends of Macomb County Marine Division, St. Clair County Marine Division, and Wayne County Marine Division as we all share the same goal in educating the public about boating safely.

Marine Cruiser

Site allows interactive navigation identifying marinas, yacht clubs, food, destinations, and fishing information. Very easy to navigate loaded with useful information.

National Data Buoy Center

Station LSCM4 - Lake St. Clair, MI. Displays current lake conditions.

US Naval Oceanography Portal

This link will take you to the sunrise sunset table followed by law enforcement for Harrison Twp. This information is critical to those that will be enjoying the day on a PWC. 

US Customs and Border Protection

Information pertaining to rentry into the United States from US citizens. Very important to understand these laws if planning on crossing the border into Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Information pertaining to visiting Canada as is common upon the waters of Lake St. Clair. Be sure to understand the laws before venturing into Canadian waters. 

Macomb County Sheriff's Office
Marine Safety Division
Now that you have chosen your destination on the water for the day the final step, and most important, is to click on the provided link above by the Macomb County Marine Division and print this Float Plan and fill out the information. Give this to a neighbor or family member as a means of communication if an emergency arises. 
This organization is dedicated to preserving this part of history on Lake St. Clair. Please visit this link for informative information.
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