The Sheriff's Marine Division patrols Lake St Clair, which has been called the busiest fresh water lake in the world, as well as it's connecting waterways. In order to provide the necessary patrol coverage on the water as well as teach thousands of people "Boating Safety" the marine reserve unit was formed. In fact, if it weren't for these volunteers, the full time law enforcement personnel would have a difficult time assisting in all the various special events that are hosted on the waterways throughout the year.

 The marine reserve officers go through an academy to learn basic police procedures and Macomb County Sheriff's protocols. They then complete a state approved Boaters Safety class. Additionally they are given hands on training in the operation and handling of the many different boats the sheriff's marine division uses, fire fighting and rescue equipment, navigation training, radio procedures, as well as first aid, CPR and AED training.

The sheriff's marine patrol is responsible for enforcing Michigan Marine Law, investigating boating accidents, conducting boat livery inspections, performing search and rescue operations, body recoveries, underwater diver assistance, and instructing safe boating classes. This mission would not be possible without the help of the men and women of the Marine Safety Reserve Unit.
Sheriff  Anthony M. Wickersham
Macomb County Sheriff's Office
Marine Safety Division
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In 2012 alone this group had donated a total of 12,868 hours to the Macomb County Sheriff's Office
The Marine Safety Division supports the Macomb County Sheriff marine Division and is compromised of more than 80 Reserve Marine Safety Officers (MSO's). 

The Marine Division provides:

  • First Aid
  • Ice Rescue
  • Search and Rescue
  • Marine Firefighting
  • Special Event Coverage
  • Boating Safety Education
  • Homeland Security Enforcement
  • Enforcement of Michigan Marine Law
  • Public Awareness of Watercraft Safety
  • Patrols of Lake St. Clair and Connecting Waterways

Established in 1989, the Marine Safety Division is currently compromised of more than 80 reserves who have volunteered more than 229,000 hours.

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