Marine Division Facts
The Marine Safety Division supports the Macomb County Sheriff Marine Division and is comprised of more than 80 Reserve Marine Safety Officers (MSO).

The Marine Division provides:
First Aid
Ice Rescue
Search and Rescue
Marine Firefighting
Special Event Coverage
Boating Safety Education
Homeland Security Enforcement
Enforcement of Michigan Marine Law
Public Awareness of Watercraft Safety
Patrols of Lake St. Clair and Connecting Waterways

The Macomb County Marine Division patrols:
89 square miles of Lake St. Clair
30.5 miles of shoreline
57 miles of connecting rivers, canals, and streams

In 2020, the Marine Division, along with the Marine Safety Division:
Performed 78 search and rescues 
Performed 1 search and recovery
Responded to 46 boat accidents
Provided more than 7,300 hours of volunteer services
Taught Boating Safety classes to more than 2,640 students

Macomb County Sheriff's Office
Marine Safety Division
Sheriff  Anthony M. Wickersham
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